RADIOFLY // Quadcopters

New amazing collection of Quadcopters. Find out if you’re good enough to pilot these futuristic and stylish drones. Funny, Light, Safe. Italian Design. 6 multifunction models for indoor and outdoor use., 4 dedicated to kids and 2 for all ages.

Extra Functions: Camera, Video recorder, Lights, Spin 360°.

Ready for the invasion? You’ll recognize’em. Have fun with RADIOFLY™.

Space Spinner // 26 (perfect size for indoor use) image002Space Voyager //22

foto 3

Space Light // 60 (This Model has Camera, Video  Rec, Lights all around the chassis, Spin 360° button)

Schermata 2014-07-10 alle 16.51.31

Space Ranger // 39 (Super fluo colors, nice size for indoor use)

Schermata 2014-07-10 alle 16.50.46

Space King // 52 (52 cm of extreme fun)

Schermata 2014-07-10 alle 16.50.10

Space Odissey // 10 (Very agile. Little size for a great fun, especially indoor)



Be ready for the most epic and funny invasion. Soon in stores.

TV Adv Campaign for Christmas 2014, from half November.


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