• ODS is a privately-owned toy company established in 1982. The company’s name is an acronym for “Organizzazione Distribuzione Supermercati”, which reveals what was the original mission, namely to act as a link between the major national, international toy manufacturers, with the Italian retail market. During the 80s and 90s the mode of operation of the company was subject to major changes. The company’s growth in terms of acquired skills, has allowed the organization to embark on a new path, which led ODS to explore the Far East markets and then to launch the first products under its own brand on the Italian market. ODS, in the same years, has consolidated its commercial presence in the Italian market by extending its geographical reach, through a network of agents and merchandisers present throughout the national territory, with the aim of overseeing all sales outlets and supermarkets of its customers. The company supplies a broad range of businesses: cash and carry and traditional wholesalers, multiple retailers, department stores, party plan companies, mail orders, theme parks, zoos and garden centres.

  • The years of the new millennium ODS sees a further evolution, obtaining the first license, with the creation of toy lines entirely conceived, designed and developed within the organization. To strengthen its presence in Asia, the company has established a subsidiary in Hong Kong which employs 14 people, who, in collaboration with the Italian staff oversee the production process and logistic activities. Nowadays, ODS is a growing company that seeks to bring toys of high quality, guaranteeing the purchase to the consumer through affordable prices. The company believes in continuous innovation reconciled to the great flexibility and operational decision-making process. The R&D office is located in Mirandola, which takes advantage of  a young, professional and very efficient staff. Sales office and our all new showroom are based in Milan, led by highly experienced managers and staff. The logistics headquarters is located in Rolo, a strategically important area, because of its location along one of the most important Italian motorways. ODS is proud that it has developed a highly skilled backup team in its offices and warehouse who are able to handle customers orders in a professional and efficient manner.


  • MIRANDOLA Via A. Bernardi 15 41037 Mirandola (MO) / ITALIA Tel +39 0535 27180 Fax +39 0535 418329
  • MILANO Via Ramazzotti 15 20020 Lainate (MI) / ITALIA
  • HONG-KONG Unit 908, 9F Tower A, New Mandarin Plaza 14, Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
  • ROLO Via Mari, 3 Rolo (RE) – ITALY